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ROCKI Drops New EP “And So What?” Streaming on all Platforms!


Official Rocki checked in with Hip Hop United to exclusively announce her EP “And So What,”
which debuts Friday, September 18, 2020. She was excited to discuss “Vibrate,” the project’s
featured single that speaks life and power into listeners. This track motivates the
audience to know who they are, honor their worth, and protect their value through these
trying times. Although the EP falls in the hip hop genre, the songstress expressed that this was
a “very sentimental” project in which she shared many gems with the world.

“And So What” went through a highly selective tracklist vetting process, as it was narrowed
down to 8 featured hits. The artist’s personal three favorite songs off the EP are “Passport,”
“How You Feel,” and “No Su Casa,” which are all guaranteed to get your body moving. It
was her positive, creative release of built up energy and emotion. “[With] this particular body of
work, I had no interruptions,” she lightly said while reflecting on having full creative control. “I
was really able to tap into me and create what I wanted to create.” She explained how her mind
was swayed in the past and how this is her moment to give her fans her authentic self,
unapologetically. Embracing the “and so what” attitude helped her to tap into another side of
herself to convey what she was processing.
At the start of the pandemic, Rocki was in a headspace where meditation best served her to
elevate above the trials and tribulations that we have all collectively faced. She turned inward
to operate from a space of not caring or letting anything stop her. She explained, “I feel
like when 2020 started, everyone became defeated.” The sacred space that she created
allowed her to gracefully navigate through the pandemic in a state of peace instead of
panic, contrary to how the masses have processed. “That’s not what I’m about to
experience… Although that's what's going on around me, I don't have to conform to it; I
just have to rise above it,” she confidently affirmed. Taking the time out to create from a
grounded and heart-centered place during the pandemic was a gift of healing and
protection that she is sharing with the world.
Official Rocki and HHU want to send a special shoutout to DJ New Era for linking her with Hip
Hop United, your industry plug. “It shouldnt hurt to help the next person and push the next
person where they need to be. We can all eat!”

Check out the EP here on Rocki’s YouTube channel:


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