JAZZY MCBEE (Monday-Friday 10a-2p)


A native of Decatur, GA experiencing family shifts and strife, but still being afforded the opportunities to find who she was, Jazzy McBee is building upon everything sent her way. Starting off as an intern at a local radio station, her hunger and hard work allotted her the chance to work her way from board operator, to her current positions as on – air personality, programming assistant, and executive assistant to the operations manager. In 2012, she progressed as a morning show co-host on a competing Hip Hop station. Ms. McBee also served as an entertainment reporter for satellite radio that aired weekly on XM radio, “The Buzz in the Streetz News”.

She currently works as a radio personality for one of the top Hip Hop radio stations in Atlanta. She moved from the morning show team, dishing the latest in entertainment news and gossip, to having her own show in the middays on Atlanta’s New Hip Hop Station, Streetz 94.5. Monday – Friday from 10a-2p. She plans to branch out into a wide array of fields in the entertainment industry, but none of them will take her away from her strong foundation built around God, family, and community.

In a world where people desire stardom, so they can stand for all things flashy, Jazzy’s aim remains to be mentioned amongst those who gave love to those around them at all. A woman of integrity, tangible realness, and reliability stands a lot longer than those who search for fame for superficial come ps. Jazzy McBee is always aware of that so she works on the person she is just as much as the household name she continues to build on.