Fly Guy DC formerly known as Sucha Fly Guy DC is one of the hottest young hosts to grace the Atlanta circuits today. Born and raised in Washington, DC, you could say he inherited some presidential qualities because he continues to lead the youth and deliver an encore experience every time he hosts.

DC’s interaction with the audience provides a fun filled experience for all who attend events he hosts. He is not a one-dimensional host, he has hosted an array of events, for over 10,000+ attendees filling the Morehouse Forbes Arena and most recently Beer & Tacos which was housed at Phillips Arena. DC is the co-creator and former personality of Dreams 2 Reality radio show on Highly Unique Radio, where he began honing his radio mentality and voicing over the airwaves. You can catch Fly Guy DC sweeping the airwaves on Streetz 94.5 FM Monday through Friday on Holiday Season 6pm to 10pm & on Sunday’s for FlyGuy Sunday’s 3pm-6pm as a radio personality. For this Fly Guy entertainment is second nature and he is swiftly cultivating into a young mogul.