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Amid rumors that Jamie Foxx has split from Katie Holmes, the actor and music producer is speaking out against speculation that there’s anything romantic going on with Sela Vave, the young singer he’s been spotted with.

“When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks,” Foxx said in an Instagram live video that singer and model Vave recorded and shared on her own Instagram account.

“He ended up going on to do great things. Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he would sleep in my old house. … Before Ne-Yo was Ne-Yo, he would come to the crib. Everybody comes to my crib, no matter who you are. … There is a young lady by the name of Sela Vave. I did the same thing with her.”

Foxx, 51, praised Vave’s talents, explaining why he chose to take her “under our wing” and help her develop a music career. He then addressed recent paparazzi photos that raised eyebrows after Foxx was shown escorting Vave out of a nightclub.

“I’m escorting her to my car, to put her in the car – my artist, who hangs out with my kids, who’s as young as my daughter,” he said, referencing daughter Corinne Foxx, 25. Reports of Vave’s age vary from 19 to 21. Foxx also has a 10-year-old daughter, Annalise Bishop.

“I know what business I’m in,” Foxx added. “People try to make mountains out of molehills. We want to treat her the same way and give her the opportunities. I told her it’s going to be this way. It’s a double standard when it comes to women.”

Foxx criticized those trying to “make it something else,” vowing to “protect our own.”

“I spoke to that girl’s mom and she put her trust in me, so we want to make sure she has the opportunity to show you the talent we saw,” he said. “Enough of the unnecessary hate for the woman, just because the guys are coming here and they’re working hard, but when a girl does it, all of a sudden she has an ulterior motive. Stop that (expletive).”

He continued: “I know you guys are reading between the lines, but I embrace all the artists who come here. What happened in the press with our girl Sela – that’s our family. We don’t ever cross the lines like that personally. That’s our artist, that’s our family, that’s our love. She’s been brought into the family, she works hard, she’s a beautiful singer. I can’t wait for you to hear her.”

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