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{MIDDAYSWITHJAZZYMCBEE} Billboard Girl Gets Casted By Tyler Perry After All


Sometimes doing something out of the ordinary can get you one step closer to making your dreams come true, despite what others may say.

This holds true with actress, Racquel Bailey after she went viral earlier this year when she bought a billboard to get Tyler Perry’s attention in hopes of being hired. Now, it looks like her hard work has paid off. Bailey has been cast to star in his upcoming show, Sistasthat will soon be coming out on BET.

We reported earlier this year about Bailey’s bold act in buying a $2,000 billboard in Atlanta. Many people gave her the side-eye including Perry, who made a post back in June to express his thoughts.

But despite even his criticism, apparently, the attempt worked for the actress. “This was my leap of faith,” Bailey explained, “This was my choice. This was something I felt like I needed to do to stand out.”

While speaking to the outlet, she confirmed that she had auditioned for Perry since the billboard went up, although it’s unclear what caused Perry to change his mind.

“When I put up the billboard, I didn’t know what to expect,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going to happen and what one thing you have to have in this industry is thick skin and so he didn’t crush anything in me, at all. Nothing.”

Bailey revealed in hindsight, her approached work, but she did clarify it might not work for other actresses.

“It’s not typical it’s unconventional,” the actress said. “Like Tyler said, it could’ve put a bad taste in directors mouths. So I’m not advising anybody to do so, but somebody did it and it was me. “

Since Bailey’s leap of faith worked out, TMZ reports that she shot with Perry last week in Atlanta and she is set to appear in the final episode of season one of Sistas as a police officer. There’s also a chance she will star in season two.

Also, ever since her billboard was posted, Bailey has reportedly had 20 auditions and has booked two roles. She also has additional upcoming auditions with “big-time directors.”

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