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{Streetz Morning Takeover} Meek Mill Says Lace Fronts Are Cancelled


Meek isn’t Feeling lace fronts at all. Meek Mill has announced that he is protesting lace-front wigs. Meek held strong in his views and stated, “And I can still be attracted to a woman wearing them … but my thoughts be like ‘is that a wig?'”

Meek then went into some traumatic experiences he’s had dealing with women wearing wigs, including one woman whose friends didn’t tell her that her wig had shifted back and Meek was scrambling to tell her. He also tweeted, “I was hitting something from the back grabbed her hair just to make it a lil rough and it slipped off and ever since It’s been trauma.”

The Philly rapper told critics, “I just joke all day I don’t care what people be thinking ..I’m about to go outside and have a normal nice day people trolled me for years on here it ain’t make me or break me lol.”

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