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{Streetz Morning Takeover} Attorney Gerald Griggs Says It’s Time For R Kelly To Be Placed Behind Bars


The attorney representing R Kelly accuser Jocelyn Savage’s family says it’s time for R Kelly to do his time. Griggs told Rolling Out, “We need prosecutors who have real courage to come from behind the desk and not be afraid of losing a case,” Griggs said. “They should put this evidence before a grand jury.  There’s no way he will not be convicted. That’s what is needed to happen so hopefully, Paul Howard, Fulton County district attorney, is watching. If he’s not [watching this film], we need to twist the arm of the Fulton County district attorney and tell him to do his job. I’ve seen the pictures from the inside of [Kelly’s] house in Johns Creek [near metro Atlanta]. It’s clear somebody was being forced to urinate in buckets and there were locks on those doors. There was evidence of defecation.”

Griggs hopes that “Surviving R. Kelly” will serve as a wake-up call to the Black community.

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