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{Middays With Jazzy McBee} Khia Calls Out QC’s “Pee” & He Responds


Khia called out Pierre “Pee” Thomas last night for sampling her single “My Neck, My Back.” As QC’s co-founder, “Pee” may not have produced the single “F*ck Dat Ni**a,” which appears on Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1 and samples Khia’s classic. But he did have a hand in clearing the song, which is why Khia called him out. “You know I’m mad at you cause you let those ‘ol dirty ass City Girls sample my shit, and you didn’t pay me,” Khia barked in a social media post. “While you act like you got so much motherf*cking money, you ugly fat necked b*tch.”

“Pee” didn’t entertain Khia’s insults with a clapback, but instead hit her with receipts. He posted the breakdown of exactly how the sample was paid for. “Attached are the signed confirmation letters along with an email from Memory Lane saying they received the check,” reads a letter labeled “Sample License Master Use Confirmation Letter.” “Pee” also included pictures of the checks, and a very graceful and calm response in the caption.

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