Michael Auttonberry from Monroe, La was arrested earlier this October for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, criminal mischief, and giving false report to police.

According to the arrest report, deputies responded to a stabbing complaint at a residence in Monroe which was called in by Michael Auttonberry.

When the police officers arrived Auttonberry started cursing at them and people who were not there. Michael was not calm nor was he cooperating. Officers placed Auttonberry in handcuffs and found that Auttonberry had not been stabbed in the head by an axe as he previously notified them.

Auttonberry said there were intruders inside his room and advised deputies to search. Deputies searched the room and didn’t see any intruders. Deputies did see an open brown paper bag containing approximately 1 gram of suspected methamphetamine in plain view on the nightstand while searching.

Auttonberry said intruders put the methamphetamine there. Deputies also found a labeled pill bottle containing approximately 1 gram of suspected methamphetamine on Auttonberry after he was arrested.

Auttonberry said a ghost or intruders put the meth on him and then said they were currently climbing out the window nearby, which deputies deemed inaccurate.


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