{HOLIDAY SEASON LIVE} Kodak Black Reveals Transformation From “Project Baby” To “Suburban Dude”



Kodak Black spent the majority of the year behind bars after he was sentenced to seven months in his gun and weed case. Since his release, he hasn’t done much press and he’s been slowly increasing the amount of activity on his social media pages. However, what we didn’t know is that Kodak Black is no longer a project baby like his recent studio albums suggested, but instead, a suburban kid.

In the latest bizarre yet hilarious Kodak Black videos to hit the Internet, Kodak Black revealed that he is no longer a project baby. The rapper was spotted with his gut hanging out and his chains dangling with a pair of glasses on as he imitated what someone from the suburbs would sound like.

“Look at me, heey! I don’t stay in the projects anymore. I’m not a project baby anymore, I’m a suburb kid. I’m a suburban,” he said before breaking character. “I’m a suburban dude.”

Check out the video below..

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