{MIDDAYS W/ JAZZY} Mac Miller Reportedly Had a Net Worth of $9 Million When He Died



The late Mac Miller reportedly left behind a sizable fortune according to People. Mac had an estimated $9 million net worth at the time of his death. Mac made history back in 2011 with Blue Side Park becoming the first independently distributed album to go number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Because the album was completely independent (Mac MIller and Rostrum Records), only 25 percent of the album’s total proceeds went to iTunes, which left the remaining 75 percent to be split between Mac and Rostrum Records.

His 2013 output Watching Movies with the Sound Off, 2015’s GO:OD AM and 2016’s The Divine Feminine all did well on the charts. During this string of projects, Mac Miller signed a reported $10 million record deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2014 according to The Fader.


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