The legal drama comes the same day Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt was forced to shoot down a Radar Online report that his wife, Camille Cosby, was gearing up to end their 54-year marriage.

“That story is totally false. Mrs. Cosby is in Philadelphia with Mr. Cosby,” Wyatt told the News. “Mrs. Cosby is not going anywhere.”

The story, published Wednesday by the gossip site, claimed Camille, 74, had booked it from the couple’s shared mansion in suburban Philadelphia and was holed up in Massachusetts with their three grown children and a select few staff members.

Cosby is currently under house arrest in Pennsylvania.

But according to Wyatt, any allegation of familial discord is false.

“They act like the kids are eight years old,” he said of the couple’s children Erika, 53, Erinn, 51 and Evin, 41. “I think it’s just a shame and disappointing that Radar Online would publish such an egregious story and didn’t even call me to say, ‘Hey, is this true?’”

Camille has continued to publicly support her husband, and called for an investigation into his “corrupt” prosecutors shortly after the guilty verdict was handed down.

In a lengthy statement issued by Wyatt, Camille also claimed the accusations against Cosby had evolved into “lynch mobs,” and compared his situation to that of Emmett Till, a black teenage boy who was lynched in 1955 after a white woman – who later confessed to lying about the incident – claimed he grabbed her arm and made sexual comments.

Camille married the former “Cosby Show” star in 1964. In addition to their three daughters, the couple also shared son Ennis, who died in 1997, and daughter Ensa, who died in February.

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