After weeks spending weeks in Grady Memorial Hospital, 4-year-old, Caliyah Ross, went home on Tuesday. However, before she was released the staff at the hospital held a special ceremony in honor of her Pre-K graduation.

Ross had been looking forward to her ceremony, until she was burned in a house fire. She suffered from 3rd degree burns on her face and arms. The fire began in an attempt of her uncle trying to discard a pan of hot fish grease, which erupted into a fire. To relieve the 4-year-old from so much pain she endured, the doctors placed her under a medically-induced coma. Her mother, Latoya Heyward, informed everyone on her daughters conditions saying “She just looked like she was in pain but some days I would go to the ICU and ask her if she was in pain and she would shake her head and say, ‘No ‘” .

After a months of speech and physical therapy Ross’s health was slowly being restored. In honor of Caliyah’s graduation that she was forced to miss, the hospital arranged a special ceremony. Although, she has many scars on her body that remind her of the accident, celebrity painter, Antoine Donte, painted a mural to remind her how beautiful she was and will continue to be. As well, he created a sculpture in her honor.

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