We all know about the crazy championship game between Alabama and UGA. Most people had friendly wagers but the most interesting one was between rappers Drake and Quavo. Drake went for the Crimson Tide and Quavo, no brainer, rooted for his hometown team.

Quavo was sideline for the game, posting live play by play of the game and rooted for his Bulldogs until the end. When the dust settled however, Alabama came out on top, send Drake into a frenzy.

Drake posted several videos on Instagram, jokingly calling out Quavo, telling him “I need all my chips. Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy! What’s up?” In a hilarious plot twist, the bet was over actual chips. Quavo will be coming out with a new chips and dip line and Drake wanted to be the first to get his bag.

Quavo took the L in stride, saying the his team played their hearts out and they’ll be fine. Whether they bet chips or cash, both rappers are definitely winning this year.

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