{Streetz Morning Takeover} Meek Mill is working multiple jobs in prison for 19 cents an hour!


Meek Mill is picking up some serious labor in prison and getting some nice perks due to good behavior.

It appears Meek Mill is staying busy behind bars. Meek is currently balancing between several different jobs at the moment, and he’s only making 19 cents an hour!  Thats a small paycheck but could mean more on the inside. Serving his 2 to 4 years at the Pennsylvania SCI Chester, Meek is apart of the general labor crew, getting his hands dirty in random projects.

Meek does everything from clean cell blocks to tidying up prison grounds to cooking/serving food & washing dishes,  whatever labor is necessary at that time. Meek is doing all of this work with a smile on his face and is considered a good role model inmate  due to good behavior.

Yes lord Meek Mill isn’t letting the devil stop him! Good job Meek! Make sure to follow @Moquickatl and tune into the Streetz Morning Takeover every weekday from 6AM to 10AM. #TheReelWithMoQuick


For more information visit: Hotnewhiphop.com/meek-mill-reportedly-working-multiple-jobs-for-19-cents


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