{Streetz Morning Takeover} Mary Norwood gets her wish!


A request for a recount is now in the works in the race for Atlanta’s next mayor!

Mary Norwood is calling for a recount minutes into Wednesday as Keisha Lance Bottoms celebrated the result. Norwood stated she wants an unofficial re count in remarks before her supporters, and said while she was trailing her runoff opponent, she was waiting for further updates on the total later in the week. Earlier Wednesday, April Majors from Fulton County told CNN a recount would happen and will be scheduled for Saturday. Georgia law allows a second-place runoff candidate to request a recount if the difference between the two is under 1% of the vote total.

Giirrll , now you know that re count isn’t needed but we’ll see the end results! Make sure you follow @Moquickatl and tune in to Streetz Morning Takeover every weekday from 6AM to 10AM. #TheReelWithMoQuick

For more information visit: www.cnn.com/2017/12/5/politics/atlanta-mayor-keisha-lance-bottoms/index.html


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