{Streetz Morning Takeover} JC Penny’s is removing Russell Simmons Clothing line from their brand!


Much like HBO, JC Penny’s is cutting ties with Russell Simmons due to his sexual assault allegations!

Russell Simmons businesses are taking a hit after another company has decided to drop his clothing line. JC Penny’s wrote a statement regarding their reasoning by stating “In light of the recent sexual allegations against Russell Simmons, JCPenney has decided to discontinue selling his ArgyleCulture merchandise from our brand.” Russell Simmons ArgyleCulture was sold at 80 JC Penney’s out of the 875 stores as well as online. JCPenney started selling the line last year as part of attracting younger more fashionable men to its stores.

Wow it looks like Russell Simmons is deff loosing a lot of money and taking a big fall from these allegations. Make sure you follow @Moquickatl and tun into the Streetz Morning Takeover every weekday from 6AM to 10AM. #TheReelWithMoQuick

For more information visit: http://thejasminebrand.com/2017/12/06/russell-simmons-j-c-penney-removes-his-clothing-line-amidst-sexual-assault-controversy/#ixzz50ZjyiDXm

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