ARE THEY TAKING THINGS A BIT TOO FAR?! Facebook has created an app that allows children from ages 6 to 12 to chat through social media, with implicit restrictions and parameters.

Their goal is to expand the demographic of their users to younger children, in order to keep the amount of eyeballs on them increasing. They strive to prevent having these children turn to other social networks.

The parents are supposed to create the account for their children, providing the child’s real name and birth date. They then have the ability to add contacts.

Although the messenger accounts will not be full fledged Facebook accounts, the social media platform will be able to use any information acquired for advertising purposes, and offers a one click option to turn these accounts into ACTUAL Facebook accounts once the child turns 13.

This may be the new wave for younger kids, but may also present increased risk when it comes to protecting the privacy of these children.

What do you think Atlanta, is Facebook taking it too far, or is this a good idea to start incorporating our youth into the world of social media?


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