Tyrese is at it again, bashing his ex-wife & marriage to her…

Everyone remembers Tyrese breakdown on instagram just a short month ago, well he is at it again. After making claims that his current wife is pregnant, and that Will and Jada Smith were loaning him 5 Million Dollars, only to retrack the statements. Tyrese claimed he was under medication at the time, and was not fully aware of what he was saying.

Tyrese has now came for his ex-wife stating he only married her to keep her in the country. Tyrese said that she is from London and when she announced she was pregnant he married her so she could stay in the country so he wouldn’t have to travel toLondon everytime he wanted to see his daughter.

He followed this statement by informing everyone how they were not in love. The wedding only had 7 people at it, and if you know him, he likes to do things big. Tyrese states that his ex-wife painted a false picture of their marriage for years, and it seems like he is finally sick and tired of it.

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