{STREETZ MORNING TAKEOVER} School Bus Driver Saves Students From Fire!


School bus driver turns into a hero!

Atlanta – A Douglas County school bus driver by the name of Shuronda Richardson saved 3 students Monday morning from her bus catching on fire!
Richardson told police “I could only think about the kids, they’re my babies. They’re like my own.”

How the incident started was when richardson saw a black SUV crash into the side of the bus.The SUV got caught under the bus and thats when the SUV suddenly caught on fire and then caught fire to the school bus with students still inside.

Richardson states “It was frightening. It sounded like a train wreck. At first i checked on the students, then I immediately called for help. Thats when one of the students started crying and that’s when I saw the smoke coming up from the floor so I told them the bus was on fire and we had to go.”

Richardson then went into hero mode as she worked her way to evacuate her students to safety before the fire grew bigger.
The school district will honor Richardson for her actions and nominate her for a statewide award based on her heroic act of courage.

Richardson told officials “I told them to run, and they did exactly what they were supposed to do. I am so proud of them. I’m not the hero. They are because if they hadn’t done what I said this wouldn’t have played out the way it did. Always be alert, never take a day for granted and safety should be the first priority.”

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