{STREETZ MORNING TAKEOVER} Leggings being a distraction in 5th grade?


2 Students got in trouble for violating the school dress code

Atlanta – 2 students at Springdale Park Elementary School were suspended after wearing tight, printed leggings to school. The schools dress code states leggings are to tight and distracting to wear in class. Since the dress code handbook has yet to be updated, The school board is doing revisions on all dress code rules to make sure the rules are fairly enforced. Some Atlanta students have stated that those legging rules only target girls and that isn’t fair.

One of the students Falyn Handley (10) who was suspended for wearing leggings stated “This is a dress code rule applied to girls clothing. I do not believe that clothing is a distraction, but the reaction people give off after is what really matters. I should not be punished for other people’s behavior because I am not a distraction.”

The dress code rewrite is scheduled to go out to all schools and the school board before Dec. 4.

Do you agree with Falyn that the dress code in schools should be updated? Comment your thoughts below!
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