{Streetz Morning Takeover} Are High Speed Rails Finally Coming To Georgia?


High Speed Rails Coming to Georgia?

Atlanta – High speed rails are finally here! The reason this is such a big deal is because for so long the thought of creating a high-speed rail was not profitable, not effective, and reminded many of the Amtrak train they already had.
The mayor and other city leaders are thinking of putting the rail line along the interstate from the Columbus Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The train would get you to your destination within hours. City leader Tomlinson states “We’re not talking about diesel engines. We’re talking about electric engines running at 220 mph.”

The cost of building this rail line wouldn’t be cheap! As it could cost up to $3.1 billion, or $42 million. Thats a lot of money for a rail line! But its worth it because of how fast it would get you to your destination. The tickets would be somewhere between $60-$100, but if you were going to pay $100 for a round trip now you can ride to and from Atlanta and not have to drive 4/5 hours to get to another city.

Do you think this rail line would be a good investment? Comment your thoughts below!
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