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{STREETZ MORNING TAKEOVER} Georgia Polls Are Open Today at 7am!


Are You Ready To Vote Today?

Atlanta – Today is the day you get a chance to vote? The voting polls are open all across Georgia from 7am-pm.

The Georgia State Secretary says that today is open to anyone in line even after 7pm. You will still be able to vote if your standing in line even when its close to closing.

If you didn’t know the names of the candidates that are in the running for today election is the list below!

  • Peter Aman
  • Kwanza Hall
  • Vincent Fort
  • Cesar Mitchell
  • John Eaves
  • Laban King
  • Cathy Woodard
  • Keshia Lance Bottoms
  • Carl Jackson
  • Mary Norwood
  • Glenn Wrightson
  • Peter Aman

Today is so important because you get to choose your next mayor of Atlanta! Some schools are even closed today (Atlanta Public, Cobb County, Decatur, and Cherokee county) for everyone to go out and vote!

If you have any questions about your registration status, What ID to bring, And where your polling location visit this website, Enter your information, and all your countys information for voting will appear and tell you where to go:

There is also a voters help hotline if you have any issues or questions at (404) 330 6500


Go out and Vote! Comment who you want to win below !

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