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{STREETZ MORNING TAKEOVER} Muslim teacher fired for wanting to pray!


Gwinnett Teacher Fired For Asking To Pray!

Atlanta – a Gwinnett teacher name Penny Deams was fired for lying on her application and asking school authorities to work around her praying schedule!

Apparently when deams was asked to extend her work schedule from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., she told her supervisors that it would interfere with her daily prayer schedule. She said that her mosque closed before 10 p.m. and Muslims are supposed to pray multiple times everyday.

After she declined to change her schedule from 9pm to 10pm the school started to question her religion activities.

Deams has filed a lawsuit against Gwinnett County Public Schools and filed an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint due to her being fired. Unfortunately the School board committee states the case had “insufficient evidence to support her claim of discrimination and they do not want to further comment on the lawsuit.”


After Deams said that she would file a claim against the school board. Human resources  began questioning Deams’ job application and accused her of lying on her job application. Deams denied lying on anything but was still suspended from work.

Deams is now trying again to sue the school district for damages, emotional distress, back pay, attorney’s fees, and lost earnings to be reviewed for trial. As of now further in the case Deams and her attorney refuse to comment on this situation anymore.


Should she be allowed to do her daily prayers? Comment your thoughts below!

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