LSU students involved in hazing activities !

Atlanta- 10 students from LSU were involved in a hazing incident gone wrong in Roswell, GA. Students (8-10) who were members of a fraternity were involved in the hazing death of Maxwell Gruver (18) Wednesday night. Apparently inside the fraternity Maxwell’s body was found laying there helpless and the students couldn’t tell if he was dead or alive.

Police reported that all the students involved are now being charged with homicide and carrying sentences up to 10-30 days in jail and a mandatory expulsion from the university.

The students all turned themselves into the police the same following night. Their names are Naquin (18), Ryan Isto (21), Sean Pennison (19), Hudson Kirkpatrick (20), Elliott Eaton (19), Nicholas Taulli (19), Zachary Castillo, and Zachary Hall (21).

An autopsy was later done on Maxwell Gruver’s body where he had a blood-alcohol level of .495. The police reported that the cause of death was acute alcohol intoxication & ruled as an accident.

Some people believe that he was forced to drink because pledges are often forced to drink if they answered questions incorrect about the fraternity.

Some pledges had a voice about hazing and said they got hot sauce/mustard thrown on them, they had to line up in the hallway and put their nose/toes against the wall, and then they were forced to drink 190-proof Diesel liquor.

Louisiana Gov. John Edwards asked the state’s education system to review their campus policies on hazing, alcohol and drugs following Gruver’s death. 



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