Being Mary Jane is cancelled! New movie to release in 2018!

Atlanta- BET Networks “Being Mary Jane” is the show of the year. With Being Mary Jane currently ending on season 4 it is being reported that there will no longer be a season 5! That’s sad news for most of us since Mary Jane is the women we all can relate to but have no fear because BET will air a 2-hour movie in 2018 where Mary Jane has her family and we see her story coming to a close.

Being Mary Jane series is not only a great show for African American’s but for women across the world who saw apart of them in her. When it comes to her career, her family/friends, and her love life.

Now the season 4 show ended with a new promotion for her best friend Kara, Mary Jane visiting the fertility clinic to have a baby with her ex and a marriage proposal from her new boo Justin. Sounds like an interesting movie in the works!



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