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{STREETZ MORNING TAKEVOER} Evander Holyfield’s New Boxing Club For Kids!


Evander Holyfield & the Boys and Girls Club team up to help the kids!

Holyfield and the Boys and Girls Club team up to create a program called “Knuckles Up, Guns Down”. Knuckle’s Up, Guns Down is a place for kids to have a constructive way to channel their problems through boxing! The program targets crime and gang violence in today’s youth.

Holyfield states in a press conference that programs like this saved his life. He will also talk about how his campaign will work and address the growing problem of gangs in Atlanta effecting the children.

He state’s ” When you’re trying to get kids to put down the weapons, give them another option. If you are want to show your tough start boxing, i’s OK if you do it the right way.”

Sheriff Neil Warren, District Attorney Vic Reynolds and Solicitor Barry Morgan will attend  Holyfield during his event. Community members and other children recreational centers will also be in attendance for this program opening!



Would you sign your children up? Comment your thoughts below!

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