On Sunday morning, October 1st, rap legend Snoop Dogg held his 10th annual a special Snoop Youth Football League training camp for special needs children at The UCLA Bruins’ practice field. This event has had over 1,500 youth participate over the years including wide receiver John Ross who was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals.

In attendance at the event was the UCLA running back coach Deshaun Foster, and Dr. Jen Welter.

Snoop Dogg used this opportunity to let children participate in drills and cheerleading routines.

Coach Snoop spoke about the event saying, “I’m feeling very blessed man. I’m happy to be here to have my league, Foster and Welter work side-by-side in creating a lane for the kids’ special needs. We want to give them something to make them feel as if they are special. That’s what today is all about.”


He also went on to say, “Man, the proudest moment of my league is seeing kids go to high school,” he said. “Kids that I’ve seen as babies graduate, go to high school, make their momma’s proud and eventually sign on to a university, play on Saturdays and become something in life. It doesn’t matter if they make it on the football field or not. It’s the joy of seeing these boys become young men and eventually grown men.”

Great job Snoop!