[MIDDAYS WITH JAZZY MCBEE} 1.5 Million Without Power In Georgia


  1.5 Million People Went Without Power and Many Are Still Without…



It is still raining here in Georgia, but the worst of Hurricane Irma has passed. Georgia Power plans on beginning work to restore power to about 1.5 million people that suffered from the dark stormy night last night.

The storm caused quite a bit of damage in the Atlanta area as pieces of buildings fell and trees fell damaging power lines. Georgia Power could do little last night to help due to the heavy winds, and they plan on working on areas immediately to restore power to areas that are still without.

Georgia Power has enlisted help from more than 20 states to come and help restore alongside power crews here in Georgia.

It may take a few days to reach all of the areas in need, but help is on the way.


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