A tiger was shot and killed after attacking a terrified dog in Atlanta area.

The Tiger has been identified as a circus performer named Suzy. The 6-year-old Bengal tiger managed to escape from a truck carrying 14 tigers from Florida to Tennessee. Circus presenter and trainer Alexnder Lacey owned Suzy, Entertainment Inc.

Lacey told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he was contacted to work with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Lacey states “The truck had stopped in Georgia during the overnight hours, and during that stop the female Bengal tiger managed to escape unnoticed. The company did not discover that she was missing until the truck arrived at the destination.”

Brittney Speck, who owns the dog in the incident, said “My dog was also going crazy in the backyard”. When she went to her back window to check on her dog she saw the tiger and called 911. Speck says “The tiger then jumped on my dog, and the officers started firing rounds and took it (The tiger) down. Then they gave me my dog back.”

According to the Henry county police report officials state “We’re very glad that no one was injured. It’s unfortunate that the tiger had to be put down, but public safety comes first.”

How would you react in this situation?

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