Police have arrested 3 teens accused of robbing and car jacking pizza delivery drivers!

South Fulton county, GA a pizza driver by the name King Melton, 20, was shot 3 times as he tried to fight off carjackers while delivering a pizza near the college park area. Melton tells reporters” i tried to fight off the robbers as they attempted to take my car. Then i was shot three times.” Police say the same group of thieves also robbed a female driver previously before.

Police have just arrested a 16 year old Tyyneefah Wells  , a 14 year old Dequandre Weaver , and a 13 year old Anthony Cleveland for these accounts. The 14 year old was the one who apparently opened fire.

Fulton County Police Det. Jubal Rogers says “It’s quite troubling that these juveniles are carrying handguns out here shooting and carjacking people”.

The teens are now being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center and are being charged as adults with aggravated assault with the intent to murder and armed robbery.

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