At the state level of Hurricane Irma Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declares a state of emergency!!

With hurricane Irma expected to hit parts of Georgia, FEMA prepares early. FEMA staff are getting ready to move resources and food to shelters and medical centers. On Wednesday Region 4 Division (Metro Atlanta) Director Gwen Keenan responds to the storm and says “Its a huge storm, a very serious storm, but its all about flexibility and preparation.

  • The category 5 storm is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever with wind speed at 185 mph.

Keenan also explains to WSB-TV that the moment Governors saw Irma was out there, they were planning for it, and making sure that they were talking with the local state residents.

  • Federal agents at the response center are planning on moving people to safety from Georgia , Florida, and throughout the south east. Agents are also getting emergency management teams to residents in those regions effected by Irma.

Georgia’s message is to stay prepared as possible whenever and wherever Hurricane Irma Hits. More updates Coming Soon.




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