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{Streetz Morning Takeover} Man says art showing black men in prison is racist!


Atlanta Belt Line that broadcasts African-American men in prison is racist. 

The photos were shown on the West side Belt line Trail off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. A man name Shawn Deangelo Walton took those images down as he says he takes those images personal in a interview with channel 2 news.

Walton explains “For me, it’s personal, for this community it’s personal. We need more positive images of black fathers, of black children that are smiling, that are happy, I mean, isn’t that what the Belt Line is supposed to bring to this community?”

The Belt Line leaders apologized as they said they did not intend to offend anyone with the images. In a written statement Belt line leaders wrote:

“We have seen the photos that were installed on the West side Trail and we are gravely concerned that those images were a part of this year’s Art on the Atlanta Belt Line exhibit displayed in the community. Art on the Atlanta Belt Line was created to make art accessible to everyone by bringing the exhibit to public spaces and in doing so, be respectful of the community.

The photos that were displayed did not reflect our commitment to do that. The community is understandably and justifiably upset and for that we humbly apologize. We make no excuses and are in the process of investigating the process of how this occurred in order to take the most appropriate action to ensure this does not happen again. This includes seeking new ways to involve communities in the art selection process so that it is inclusive and respectful of their rich and vibrant history”.

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