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{HOLIDAY SEASON LIVE} 72 Year Old Shoots Wife For Saying She Isn’t Satisfied Sexually or Financially


Don’t the shoot messenger

A 72-year-old Bronx man reportedly shot his 28-year-old wife in the face after she said his sex game was weak. The man, whose name is Clarence White, shot his wife Dominique White for saying he could not satisfy her financially as well. Officers who arrived on the scene found Dominique White sitting on the floor of the hallway in their home, holding her face. The woman was shot in her right cheek and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. According to doctors, pieces of the bullets were still lodged in the woman’s face.

Court documents noted that Clarence White admitted to shooting his wife to the police while still holding the smoking gun. He also told cops that they were arguing because money became tight after he lost his job. While arguing, his wife told him he needs to move out immediately. While packing his bags, he found a pistol that was located in a nightstand and put it in his pocket. After talking to her one last time, she revealed that he did not cut it for her in the bedroom, which led him to shoot her in the face. Clarence White is currently being held on a $300,000 bail for weapons possession, harassment, assault, and attempted murder.

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