Atlanta Hawks Forward Is Awarded $4 Mil in Police Brutality Incident

Atlanta Hawks fans will review forward Thabo Sefolosha getting stuck in an unfortunate situation with the law, in what added up to a dubious experience with police, when back in April of 2015 his leg was broken amid a capture. The police severity claim Sefolosha documented after the occurrence has been led in the NBA star’s support it was declared on Wednesday, April 5.

Sefolosha was gone up against by police in the wake of leaving 1OAK dance club in New York City, minutes after an early morning quarrel brought about the wounding of previous New York Knick Chris Copeland at the foundation. As per the claim, officer Jean-Paul Giacona “mishandled his power.” Sefolosha had purportedly alluded to the officer as a smaller person, which infuriated him and prompted the capture. Sefolosha was accused of opposing capture, muddled lead, and block of government organization; charges which the 32-year-old hotshot would beat six months after the fact.

“This settlement is not a concession that Mr. Sefolosha was exemplary in this matter and there was no confirmation of risk by the litigants,” the city Law Department said in an announcement on the settlement, “yet in light of the gravity of his wounds, the potential effect on his vocation as an expert competitor and the test for a jury in sorting out the realities in this occurrence, the determination of the case was to the greatest advantage of the City.”

The city has consented to pay Sefolosha $4 million.

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