Future speaks on his hiatus and new self titled album, Hit Link for more info.

Future’s new self-titled collection drops on Friday, Feb. 17. Today (Feb. 16), the Atlanta rapper takes a seat with Zane Lowe for a meeting, in which the “Walk Madness” MC says he’s making his arrival as Future Hendrix on the new venture.

Around the 17-minute characteristic of the meeting (which you can look at underneath), Zane Lowe asks, “Who are you on this record? What’s the name of the collection, first?” to which Future reacts, “Future Hendrix. I needed to do it right, so I need to have the capacity to put it behind me, the entire name, and me sustaining of Jimi Hendrix and exactly what it speaks to for me, somebody who comes where I’m from, to take care of business an alternate route from what was normal.”

Future goes ahead to clarify that his Future Hendrix persona is about being not the same as one’s condition, acting naturally and being agreeable in one’s own particular skin. From dressing a little in an unexpected way, to sounding a little distinctively or moving a specific sort of way, Future says he’s attempting to catch the Jimi Hendrix vibe on his new venture.

“This is the ideal opportunity, a few years they weren’t prepared, they needed Future, they needed ‘Genuine Sisters,'” Future says. “They needed me to be the ratchet-est and say the most insolent poop. What’s more, I comprehend that is the thing that music is, it makes you feel various types of ways.”

Amid the meeting, Future likewise talks about his nonappearance from online networking. “It was most likely the best thing I’d ever done,” he says. “I’m quite recently not giving it consideration. I need to give the music consideration and be in the studio. I need to give all my thoughtfulness regarding my music, my children, my family so I just wanna concentrate on specific things other than web-based social networking.” You can listen to the entire interview below via apple music.

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