{DEMBOYZ} Man Shoots Up His Apartment Over A Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Shots Fired!!! over Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Hit the Link

An armed man by the name of Daniel Blackwell, 55 was upset when someone took a bite out of his grilled-cheese sandwich which triggered an hours-long barricade situation Sunday Night police said. According to court documents, the argument started about unloading groceries and escalated when his wife took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich.

Court documents describe what led up to a three-hour standoff Sunday night in Dundalk. That afternoon, Daniel Blackwell’s wife, teenage daughter and her two friends came home from grocery shopping. His wife asked for help unloading groceries and they started arguing. Things escalated when she took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich. In a fit of rage, he went to their basement – where she found him an hour later lying on the floor holding a shotgun, with ammunition strapped to his body and other guns laying around him. Then Blackwell’s wife said she heard a gunshot, so she went back downstairs. Blackwell said it was a firecracker. Then, she went upstairs and told the kids to leave because Blackwell “was going crazy.” Blackwell came upstairs asking if anyone called the police. They were silent and he went back to the basement. Then, Blackwell shot three times through the floor, almost hitting his wife. She said he could hear her walking through the kitchen and was aiming for her. That’s when she and the kids left the apartment. Police found 15 guns, four of which were loaded, inside Blackwell’s home and also a few neighbors say Blackwell had drunken tirades before, but this time was more serious.

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