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John Marshal



Self-proclaimed “multimedia god” is a pretty big view of oneself but John Marshal knows that’s exactly what it takes to really make it in the industry. “You can’t just know how to do everything; you have to know how to do everything better than everybody else, but at the same time be willing to learn and help others around you get better. This is a people and relationship based industry and business; be rich in people.” The 27-year-old proudly hails from the entertainment capital of the South and one of the biggest entertainment hubs of the US…Atlanta, GA. With his focus now on multimedia broadcasting, you can listen and look out for John on your airwaves, televisions and internet in Atlanta and around the world.

With his new radio home at Atlanta-based Streetz 94.5, the airwaves, community, clubs and events are still at his continued disposal as he lights the city up year after year. He loves to tell people that he’s just getting started because of his major goals of late night talk show host and syndicated radio programming. “People like Ryan Seacrest, Charlamagne Tha God, Oprah, Carson Daly, Terrence J and Nessa are the people I model my career after. My goals are to inspire, create, entertain and educate in every form of media I can, but to do it with a style and an edge that let’s my personality show through it.” Bright future, “it” factor, and a never quenched hunger for achieving the next level of success is going to take this “multimedia god” to the top spot sooner than even he thinks. Stay tuned and as he always likes to say…DO YOU!

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