Chris Kelly’s Last Phone Call Just Hours Before His Passing With Morning Grind Producer Akini


Akini states…

I was extremely shocked to hear of his passing because I actually called in this morning at the radio station around 7:52am.

I believe that I have the audio of his last phone conversation.

Basically as I was doing show prep this morning, I came across a blog site that had his birthday posted as today.

I was trying to remember if that was correct because I remembered it being August the 11th.

I just randomly called him to get him on the air to wish him a happy birthday if this was true and he answered the phone.

When you listen to the phone conversation, you can tell there is a lot going on in the background

Chris says “It’s Akini from the radio station baby”. He also went on to apologize to me for not showing up to a radio interview that I had him scheduled for the So So Def Reunion.

Chris also stated “Tell everybody in Atl I said What’s up…”

Listen to the Conversation below:

Chris and Akini

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